Choose Diyatel For Your Alcohol Tester

Diyatel makes it easy to measure blood alcohol content quickly, simply, and with a high level of accuracy.
“I have purchased 3 of these now for friends and family. It is very accurate and a great way to educate someone on what a drink can do. I suggest anyone that drinks to get one.”

Customer Favorites Breathalyzer

Choose one of our most-popular models. No matter which you select, you're getting the most accurate and consistent BAC results.
Alcohol Breathalyzers have now become a very important tool for every drinker. Why risk your license, and most importantly your life, if there is such a quick, affordable and easy way to know when you are over the legal limit?

Air Quality Detection Module

Air purifier control board to achieve intelligent air detection and control.
Diyatel carry only quality breathalyzers which detect Alcohol contents in your bloodstream alcohol with high accuracy and so portable
that it easily slips in your pocket.