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You don’t have to get a blood sample for lab testing – these digital breathalysers resolve that issue by providing instant results after correctly measuring the blood alcohol content (BAC). They offer a less tedious and time-consuming solution.

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We strive to help people make informed decisions, and work hard to provide the industry’s most accurate, innovative, and affordable ways to monitor their blood alcohol content (BAC). We are committed to offering reliable ways for people to learn how alcohol affects their bodies, and to building awareness about far-reaching consequences of alcohol consumption and impaired driving.


The digital alcohol testers are highly advanced, which is why the results are always accurate without room for errors. You don’t require any extra verification for this purpose as a single reading is adequate.

Our Factroy

Diyatel is one of leading manufacture of professional Alcohol Tester with design patent more than 12 years history. are the suppliers of all types of Alcohol Breath Tester. Alcohol Breath Tester and Alcohol Breath Level Analyzer are one of the best ways for checking alcohol level of your employees. The Alcohol Breath Tester are widely used in traffic police department, factory, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, showrooms, Government offices, banks, schools, colleges and all types of institutions.

  • 2001

    Keith Nothacker creates BACtrack, making it easy for anyone to easily and accurately estimate their own and others' blood alcohol content (BAC).
  • 2004

    BACtrack is the first company to obtain FDA approval to manufacture and market breathalyzers for consumer use.
  • 2008

    Mythbusters uses BACtrack to dispel popular breathalyzer myths.
  • 2008

    BACtrack breathalyzers are trusted by and relied upon by organizations large and small.
  • 2011

    Dr. Phil and The Doctors highlight BACtrack as a safety device 2011.
  • 2011

    BACtrack products are sold in over 6,000 retail stores.
  • 2013

    BACtrack introduces the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer.
  • 2013

    BACtrack Mobile wins rave reviews and awards.
  • 2013

    Car & Driver tests breathalyzers and names BACtrack #1.
  • 2013

    BACtrack breathalyzers are in 20,000 retail outlets.
  • 2014

    BACtrack continues to be featured in major national publications.
  • 2015

    BACtrack Mobile integrates with Apple Watch.
  • 2016

    BACtrack introduces BACtrack View, a remote alcohol monitoring system.
  • 2016

    BACtrack named an official partner in Google's modular smartphone, Project Ara.
  • 2016

    BACtrack develops the first-ever wearable alcohol monitor, BACtrack Skyn.


All of our products was get CE and ROHS reported.